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Credit Cards

VISA Credit Cards

Our members are appreciating the use of our "friendly" VISA cards. They find it much easier keeping records and paying bills. The payments and inquiries are made through our office.

Transfer your balances from other cards to our VISA card. New cards receive the lowered rate during the rest of the calendar year. They will revert to the rate of established cards on January 1st of each year. There is no annual fee for our VISA cards.

You have a 25 day grace (no finance charge) period on your purchase balance and for new purchases if you paid the total new balance for your account on your last statement by the end of the grace period. Finance charges start immediately on cash advances from the date they are posted to your account. Monthly payments are handled by us rather than at a remote location, and we can give you current information.

Use Your VISA As A Cash Card

Did you know that your VISA credit card works just like a cash card at all cash machines that have the VISA or Cirrus logo? You need to know your PIN number to use it.If you don't know your PIN number, call us.

Most cash machines charge you a small transaction fee. In addition, most card issuers also charge you. Our credit union does not charge you a fee to withdraw cash. However, the interest starts right away.

VISA Cards For Pastors And Church Staff

Several churches are finding it very convenient to have VISA cards for their Pastors and Staff. Your treasurer can write us one check for all the VISA card balances. You will have a record of all charges for the month.

The application is made out in the name of the staff person. These staff persons will become full members of our credit union, with all the rights and privileges to use our services.

There is no annual fee, and no finance charge if purchases are paid off when due. You will send VISA payments to us and we are here to answer any questions you may have. We are sure that you will enjoy the convenience of these staff cards.

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You can check your VISA balance and make payments....


Online Banking

Logon to Online Banking to view your account balances and make account activity.

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Paperless Statements

Use less paper and get the convenience of statements online.

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